*Los Angeles, CA – Jenesse Center, Inc. is proud to announce the “What A Little Love Can Do Project” as one of its distinguished 2011 Silver Rose Award recipients.

Celebrating more than 30 years of continued service in the community, Jenesse will honor the project at the annual Silver Rose Gala and Auction on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows.

Launched almost a year ago, the “What A Little Love Can Do Project,” headed up by Halle Berry and a team of top designers, was initiated to enhance the living and educational facilities for women, children and men needing to escape the dangers of domestic violence. The project launched with the design of Nahla’s World, a children’s center that is a place of healing and learning.

Halle Berry, the founder of the project said, “My belief is that by providing a safe, warm and beautiful space that is free of the horrors of the past, battered women whose spirits have been broken can begin to heal, hope, dream and start again. We have completed a space where children can go to get new clothing, have parties, play dates, play games, read, do art projects and have therapy. By engaging the children this way, it lays the foundation for healthy mental development and a belief that they are worthy far beyond their circumstance.”

Following its completion, three of the talented designers, Patrick Delanty, David Brian Sanders and Lindsay Jackson, were asked by Ms. Berry to return and help transform each Jenesse apartment into a work of art that would help families heal, grow and thrive.

2011 Silver Rose Gala Chair Pat Greene said, “What is so special about the “What A Little Love Can Do Project” is that it really grew out of Jenesse’s philosophy that when women feel valued, they feel self-empowered and when they feel self-empowered, they know they can leave their past behind them and conquer the world.”

Embracing these principles, the What A Little Love Can Do Design Team has worked hard to create apartments that speak to who the women are and who they are becoming, both inside and out. Every attention to detail is paid to the apartments named after iconic and inspirational women such as Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, and Josephine Baker, among others.

Jenesse Executive Director, Karen Earl said, “The What A Little Love Can Project is an invaluable asset in Jenesse’s efforts to demystify shelter living,” Earl said. “Often times, families stay in dangerous situations because they fear life in a shelter will be worse. We want those in need to know that with Jenesse that is not the case; walking through the doors of Jenesse really is the start of a new life…a better life.”

The Project created a ripple effect, as old and new supporters, motivated by the work, have developed their own ventures to help Jenesse’s clients achieve the self-sufficiency they deserve. Long time Jenesse supporter Nestlé USA joined the project by revamping the learning center at the shelter. The Nestlé Learning Center has a classroom and a state of the art computer lab and reflects Jenesse’s and Nestlé’s philosophies of building a better life through work and education.

Kenneth Bentley, Vice President of Community Affairs and Educational Programs at Nestlé USA, Inc. said, “We wanted to partner with Jenesse because they do such a great job of helping women who have faced some difficult times, live a good life. Nestlé is all about Good Food, Good Life.”

Essence Magazine’s Mikki Taylor and television producer Riaz Patel have also been inspired to join the project. They will be creating an interactive Fashion & Beauty Center for the families. Also participating in the “What A Little Love Can Do Project” are Harry Winston, Swarovski and Revlon.

2011 Jenesse Silver Rose Production Consultant and former Silver Rose Honoree Felecia D. Henderson has seen the impact of the “What A Little Love Can Do Project ” and is awed by how Ms. Berry and the design team continue to build on the work that she and others have done in Jenesse’s thirty-one year history.

“There aren’t enough Halle Berry’s in the world. What’s most incredible is that she doesn’t only use her name to bring attention to domestic violence, she rolls up her sleeves, calls up her friends and together they do the work necessary to change the lives of victims,” Henderson said. “I feel honored to be a small part of honoring such an amazing spirit of giving.”

Jenesse Board President Avis Frazier Thomas said, “The “What A Little Love Can Do Project” represents this ideal of what shelter life can be like and has opened a flood gate of creativity. It has given supporters a profound way to connect with Jenesse and given them ideas on how they can use their talents to help. The project has become a symbol of what Jenesse is all about, empowering families to strive for better lives through education and resources. Most importantly, it has been a conduit for change in the way that our clients view themselves and what they deserve.”

To learn more about the 2011 Jenesse Silver Rose Weekend visit www.jenesse.org or call 323-299-9496.

Jeanine Taylor
JCEC Public Relations
[email protected]