*Here’s the clip of Jennifer Lopez’s breakdown that’s been a hot topic on the morning shows today.

The “American Idol” judge got emotional after having to eliminate a contestant who had previously tugged at the nation’s heartstrings.

Texan singer Chris Medina had previously brought his brain-injured fiancée to meet Lopez and fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler – which made it even more difficult for J.Lo to eliminate Medina last night.

Slow and deliberate in her speech, Lopez praised Medina but told him that, in the singing competition, his performance just wasn’t strong enough. When he left the room, Lopez broke down into tears and sobs, worried that she hadn’t told him in the right way and afraid that she had broken his heart.

[Watch J.Lo’s breakdown and Medina’s original audition clip below.]

Medina, meanwhile, seemed disappointed but fine. He’ll be performing on “The Tonight Show” on Friday, and since the audition episode with his fiancée aired, she has reportedly received over $29,000 in donations toward her health care, including a handicapped van.