*Last February Leandria Johnson auditioned for BET’s Sunday Best and emerged as the season 3 winner.

Her story alone captured viewers’ attention (she’d lost her home and auditioned in New Orleans wearing jeans and flip flops) and her undeniably gifted voice gained fans who have been anticipating her first professional CD.

Until she performed on ‘Celebration of Gospel’ last December and at a King Day event in Atlanta this January, the buzz about Johnson had fizzled.

Recently, a video was posted on YouTube that offers insight as to why we have not seen nor heard much from the Florida-bred singer.

In the clip, Johnson testifies at New Life Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York – that after winning “Sunday Best” – she didn’t want any parts of this (apparently referring to a career in the gospel industry.)

“Pray that my mind stays focused on Jesus … Even after ‘Sunday Best’ I found myself going back to where I had came from … I didn’t think I’d minister again,” she confessed.

“I’ve been holding this in for a long time and I didn’t know how to express myself,” Johnson continued with tears streaming down her face, “I’m tired of turning my back on God … that’s why I ask for your prayers. Please keep me in prayer.”

As several women begin to encircle Johnson and pray, another unidentified woman takes the microphone and prophesies:

“The enemy is after our musicians … and the enemy knows how to send people that just wanna get in to the fame and into the limelight and they’ll let you do what and say what you want. But thank God for some leaders that don’t mind telling you the truth and when it’s all said and done, we’re going to pray until something happens.”

Fortunately, Leandria Johnson is back on track as she is in the process of recording her first album.

See/hear Leandria Johnson’s prayer request here: