I don’t get it. I really don’t.

Marketers wrack their brains to get me to click on their clever Google ads, read bullet-heavy landing pages, and then entice me to sign up for tons of free stuff (whitepapers, webinars, get-rich-quick tips)… only to blow it with their follow up email come-ons.

I mean… c’mon!

Now we all understand the value of capturing a prospect’s email address, right? It gives us the chance to turn that one-shot-at-buying click into a lifelong relationship that can turn into sales again and again.

The key of course is to do great follow up emails.

Here are five important things to keep in mind when sending emails to your prospects:

  • Make it personal and not too professional sounding. First of all, make sure the “from” field has the name of a real person not some strange looking email address. And no writing your email copy as if you’re a faceless corporation. Instead, write like you’re having a fun conversation with a prospect. What words would you say… and how would you say it?
  • Intrigue (not mislead) with your subject line. Your prospects are busy and bored so grab their attention with a provocative subject line (or they won’t open your email anyway). For example: “Why prospects Do Not want to buy from you” or “5 things you should never ask your boss” or “Your brand is not about branding, it’s about something else”. You get the idea!
  • Engage and entertain your audience. We all get way too many emails every day, so engage your prospects with questions, fun facts, and a good story… then tell them why they should call or buy from you. No form letter or boring email copy, please! Keep in mind: if you wouldn’t want to read your email then your target customer won’t either.
  • Provide value first when building an email relationship. It takes awhile to build a relationship with someone… especially over email. So do what all great salespeople do – provide value first! Got tips to help them run their business better? How about a heads-up on what a competitor is doing? Better yet, send them a weekly email newsletter with plenty of helpful articles… and a special offer too!
  • Not all prospects are the same – so don’t treat them that way. Maybe they live in different zip codes, have varying purchasing budgets, come from multiple industries, or bought from you before. The important thing is to separate your prospect lists so that you can make your emails as relevant and personalized as possible. Over time, this will result in more sales for you!

Just remember to show some personality. Your emails will be much more engaging and interesting to read compared to the zombie-sounding emails your competitors send out.

Got a few email tips to share? Let us know!

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