*This sounds crazy to us, but in the wake of Chris Brown’s notorious window-smashing blowup at ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the network reportedly wants to book him for a sit-down interview together with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

In a surprising twist of events, a source close to ABC News told E! the network wants to “milk this event for everything it’s worth,” adding, “It’s all about the ratings … at all other costs.”

As the whole world knows by now, last week Brown had a violent outburst following an interview with GMA’s Robin Roberts, because she asked him questions about his 2009 beatdown of Rihanna. Brown was halfway cool during the interview, but afterwards went crazy backstage as he broke a window in his dressing room, tore off his shirt and stormed out of the studio without performing his second scheduled song for the live broadcast.

Another unofficial rumor is that ABC may offer Brown a reality series, however that scenario was slammed by the E! source, who said, “No, that would never happen here.”

The source added, “What’s far more likely is orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time.”

The network decided not to press charges against Brown this week, and he’s still scheduled to appear on Tuesday’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Again, this seems crazy to us. It’s out right exploitation. Also, if Chris Brown is making it CLEAR that he wants to put the incident in the past, WHY would he or even Rihanna do it? Something tells us neither one of them, as well as other parties, want what happened the night before the Grammys in 2009 drug up and rehashed for the benefit of ABC or anyone else.

Finally, IF it goes down, the story is that Robin Roberts, as opposed to Diane Sawyer, who got Rihanna to talk about the incident, would do the interview (or mediate between the two). So how or why is that supposed to be a good thing? Chris isn’t exactly a fan of Robin right now. Hello ABC, duh! Again, if it goes down, they might wanna think about hooking up Dr. Phil to do it.

Like we said, we think the idea is straight crazy. And you?