*If you missed it last night, uber talented actor Anthony Mackie visited Tavis Smiley to discuss his upcoming two films, “Desert Flower” and “The Adjustment Bureau.”

In the conversation that aired on PBS stations, Mackie was asked about a comment he made in a recent interview regarding the lack of minority nominees at this years Academy Awards®. Mackie explained to Smiley that African Americans must find a way to create their own films to tell their stories.

“We need to be making movies. I mean if you take from 1989 to 1997 even 1989 to 2004, we had an explosion of black films. From that we had two aspects of black culture but now we’re lost because we don’t know what that in between is. We have more blacks graduating from college than ever before. We have a black president – so who are we and what are the stories that we’re going to tell to represent ourselves?”