*The Rev. Al Sharpton was asked to comment on a headline from Politico earlier this week that said GOP star Sarah Palin is becoming “Al Sharpton, Alaska edition.”

The story focused on some leading conservatives’ growing disillusionment with the former Alaska governor. The line was courtesy of Weekly Standard writer Matt Labash, who noted with apparent dismay Palin’s “frequent appeals to victimhood and group grievance.”

It’s obvious that conservatives consider the comparison an insult. But Reverend Shaprton, for his part, says he refuses to be baited into getting offended. Instead, he tells New York magazine, “I would look at it with some curiosity, but it’s a funny circumstance to see them in. A lot of the establishment in the civil rights community didn’t know what to make of me [either].”

Sharpton says, the “question is whether they’re trying to distance her and therefore remove themselves from somebody they have lost control over.”