*Two days after the passing of Nate Dogg, rapper The Game on Thursday released a new song in his honor, titled “All Dogs Go to Heaven.”

The track features a sample from “Diamonds Are Forever,”  the theme to the film of the same name, and uses many samples of hooks sung by Nate on various hit singles.

It opens with Game speaking the line: “Today I’m drinking a 40 Oz. Another good n**** lost in the wind.”

He later raps the lines: “He was just 41 so I’m just gonna get high and just drink until this 40 done / but I really want to cry / s**t I really wonder why the good n****s got to die / If we living under God maybe he’s living in the sky / and I couldn’t bring him back if I tried.”

Upon hearing the news of Nate’s passing, Game said: “We lost a great peer in the business. I will always remember the time I spent in the studio with him. He was very encouraging and professional. I will miss his voice, presence and advice. He’s a part of hip-hop’s rich history. My heart and condolences goes out to his family .”

The cause of Nate’s death is yet to be released, but it is believed to have been as a result of complications following two strokes, in 2007 and 2008.