*When Foxy Brown said Tom Joyner lied about her being kicked off of his 2011 Fantastic Voyage cruise, how many believed her?

Hmm, we don’t see a lot of hands in the air. Well, don’t feel like the lone stranger ’cause we certainly didn’t believe her either. We had already bought Tom’s story that she had been put off the ship for acting like … well … Foxy Brown.

“That is incorrect. She got off when she was scheduled to get off,” Joyner told listeners yesterday on his morning radio show.

Really? But that’s not what Tom is quoted as saying last week. Hmm… but on the other hand, he doesn’t refute claims that Miss Brown acted a fool while on the boat.

In fact, click the player below to HEAR Joyner discuss the incident with two of his crew members, Sybil Wilkes and J. Anthony Brown.