*Barry Bonds never lied to a grand jury and even admitted that he may have unwittingly used steroids, his defense lawyer said in federal court Tuesday.

Bonds acknowledged that he had used two substances shown to him during his appearance before the grand jury in 2003 but did not know they were actually anabolic steroids, said Allen Ruby, Bonds’ lead attorney. His alleged crime took place in the presence of “a stenographer who took down every word – thankfully,” Ruby said.

The former San Francisco Giants star is on trial for allegedly lying to the grand jury, which was investigating steroid distribution by a Bay Area laboratory and by Bonds’ former personal trainer, an associate of the lab. Ruby suggested that a careful reading of the transcript would show Bonds answered questions truthfully.

Key prosecution witnesses slated to testify were bitter that Bonds had broken relations with them and upset that they would no longer profit from their association with him, Ruby told a jury of eight women and four men during opening arguments in the perjury trial.

He noted that Kimberly Bell, Bonds’ former mistress, shopped a book after Bonds broke up with her and went to the media with stories about the home run king.

Once spurned, these former friends helped create a “caricature” of Bonds that contributed to a “poisonous” portrait of him, Ruby said.

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