Cleveland Gary

*Cleveland Gary, Founder and CEO, believes in his mission to rebuild wealth in urban communities all across America.

“Sixty two percent of the fortune 500 retail companies’ advertising dollars are allocated to target specifically the African American consumer according to published reports. Major corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, Walt Disney, Sears, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes Benz, America Online, Bank of America, Quaker Oats, Clear Channel, WalMart, and Coca Cola, just to name a few, access this information to zero in on the urban consumer. I think the most important initiative to drive wealth to the small business owner is understanding and taking action on where you buy your products.”

Black Shopping Channel ( is diligently working to help start new businesses by supplying a platform for entrepreneurs to reach a national audience with their small businesses.

The Black Shopping Channel’s goal is to sell entrepreneur and small businesses’ quality and affordable products on its 24-hour television shopping channel and via its virtual eCommerce mall, thereby expanding the business owners’ customer base exponentially while increasing the economic stability of urban communities.

“The wave of today in these troubled economic times is for everyone to get into business for themselves. BSC is promoting that Entrepreneurial Spirit by providing the marketing platform to sell the products these business owners are developing via cable, satellite television, and the internet,” says Gary. “They also encourage consumers to buy products at BSC because you are buying from entrepreneurs who are vibrant and hopeful in spirit and determined to make a difference across the globe.”

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About Black Shopping Channel (“BSC”)
Mission Statement: Moving Forward and Giving Back
Goal: BSC is working to make 100,000 BSC Members millionaires by the end of 2010.

Black Shopping Channel a/k/a BSC was formed to assist minorities to further the success of their business. It is the first Urban Television Shopping Channel in America for minority small business owners. The company was founded by Cleveland Gary. Mr. Gary saw a need to provide avenues of success to small business owners. The minority community will have opportunities be successful through the sale of their products/services to the public. There are so many great products that never get into the public eye because the owner of the product cannot afford the high cost of marketing and advertising. Consumers spend billions of dollars around the world buying products. BSC creates an opportunity for the small business owner who dreams to build wealth from owning their own business and selling their products.

The small business owner now has the opportunity to compete on an equal playing field with Fortune 500 companies at a lower cost. BSC provides an affordable platform for the little guy to promote and sell their products across the globe creating the opportunity for them to build substantial wealth. Mr. Gary believes this concept will create 100,000 small business owner millionaires across the world.

Recently, Nia Long, Vivica Fox, Al Sharpton, and Lamar Rucker gave interviews endorsing the format of BSC and its benefit to them as entertainers, as well as the vast benefit BSC plays in the lives of minorities.

In the past, business owners rented retail space, filled it with products and waited for customers to come to them. Well times are changing and small business owners can no longer rely on the brick and mortar retail system to drive revenue to their entity. There are so many other ways people are finding the merchandise they wish to buy and not having to leave their homes to get it. The day of retail space alone in markets is changing. This is the end of the Industrial age and we are now in the Information and Technological era which creates a new system and way to reach consumers across the globe.

About Cleveland Gary

He is a renowned philanthropist, financier, mentor, educator, national tv/radio talk show host, and newly publishing author who has penned his first exceptional “tell all book”, The Truth Behind the Ball. In his book, Mr. Gary shares his vision, dedication, unwavering tenacity and commitment to make dreams become reality.

Mr. Gary is the epitome of a self-made millionaire. He is a successful career as a professional All American football player and was selected in the first round of the 1989 NFL draft by the Los Angeles Rams. Mr. Gary was part of the undefeated 1988 Miami Hurricanes that won a National Championship that defeated the Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl. After leaving the Hurricanes, he was voted MVP in the Senior Bowl. Mr. Gary has been featured in numerous magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Unrestricted Sports and Sport SI Vault just to name a few. He is a true cornerstone for small business economic and cultural growth. As a financier, Mr. Gary has emerged as one of America’s most prominent and successful businessmen in the country.

Mr. Gary is committed to and serves on a number of board and committees both locally and nationally. He donates time and resources to various organizations throughout the community.

Mr. Gary’s philanthropic charter abilities have extended to theater music conducting and performing benefit concerts with his 31 piece orchestra to raise money for charities. Mr. Gary
believes that true power and freedom lies in education. He founded and operates three companies, the Black Shopping Channel, Healthway Shopping Network, and AMI Capital Group.

As a professional speaker, Mr. Gary has the ability to motivate others to achieve their best. He is a highly sought after motivational speaker that can add value to any company or organization from his professional work and experience. Some of the topics he speaks on are:

* Education , Finance, Investing
* Wealth Building Management
* Sports, Politics, Business, Entertainment
* How to make a positive change to self-empowerment

BSC Celebrity Endorsements:
Al Sharpton, Vivica Fox, Lamar Rucker, Nia Long, G Garvin, and Steve Harvey

Media Partners:
Comcast, CBS Radio, Time Warner

Business Sponsors:
Marriott Hotels, Hilton, Hampton Inn, Field of Dreams, Haverty’s Furniture, Bank Atlantic, B B & T Bank, VISA, Bank of America

BSC Philanthropic Endeavors: BSC Endowment Fund
BSC has founded the BSC Endowment Fund which allows any Ministerial or Educational Organization to receive funds from Black Shopping Channel based on the efforts of the BSC Members. Basically, as each BSC member begins to realize economic success, BSC takes an additional percentage of the monies attributed by that BSC Member and donates those funds to the Endowment Fund Partner, Ministerial or Educational Organization. Each BSC member has the right to choose which of the BSC Approved Endowment Fund Partners (Ministerial or Educational Organizations) they will partner with.

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