Charlie Sheen on the 'Today Show'

*A  TV actor must do everything short of shooting at the director in order for a network to pull the plug on the show while it has high ratings.

The show drives the ratings, the ratings drive the money, and the network gets PAID BIG MONEY to keep everything running like a well oiled machine.  So in Charlie Sheen’s case–who WASthe highest paid actor on television at $2 million per episode– it is apparent that his cheese has slid completely off the cracker because they have just given him the boot.

In an interview with the Today show Monday, it is evident that he’s been getting so high he may get a drug named after him.  He’ s going to have crackheads put crack down or better yet, if they get that super hit, they’ll start saying, “Yeah man!  You can roll wit me!  I’m going down here to get that real shizzle … that Charlie Sheen! That Charlie Sheen is a helluva drug!” (more…)