*Is Christina Aguilera a drunk? Well her family is saying so. The singer was taken into custody for public intoxication earlier this week and according to Dr. Charles Sophy, the woman may need a psych evaluation.

In an interview with Celebuzz, the doctor had some suggestions Aguilera.

When asked if her current boyfriend, Matthew Rutler is acting as an enabler, he said no, explaining that it’s really an individual thing in her case.

“I just think that it really comes back to her and her judgment and what the focus in her life is. Does she have the ability to step back and take a look at her life and the decisions she’s making, and are they in the best interest of her and her child? It’s not necessarily on him. It’s more about what she’s looking for in her life.”

Then doctor also offered insight about how Christina’s past may be affecting her decisions saying that her issues with her mother and child-stardom are in part to blame for her possible drinking addiction.

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