*Ciara has been a bit low-key lately after her “Basic Instinct,” album turned out not to be the “comeback” she was hoping for.In fact it only sold around 37,000 copies.

She even asked her label to release her from her contract and isn’t too happy about her career overall we hear. But she shared her thoughts about the future with Yahoo Australia:

“Right now, I am in the process of letting things fall how they are supposed to. It may sound crazy to you, but I have never really managed to take time for me and to enjoy my life and enjoy the benefits I have been blessed with,” says Ciara. “I want to look back five years from now and be happy, I have set up the proper building blocks for my business to run on, even if I don’t want to perform. I am working hard on every aspect of my career, from who I am as a performer to making music, TV and films. From my perspective, my goal is to do more than just perform. To use the platform I have been given to turn it into something more, to do something different.”