*Watching the season two finale of VH-1’s latest hit series “Basketball Wives” and the reunion show that airs Sunday and Monday (part I and part II, respectively), I was struck by how superficially gorgeous the participants are.

Evelyn, Shaunie, Royce, Tami and Jennifer were all exquisitely coiffed and made up, wearing glittering jewelry, kick-ass shoes and sexy, figure-affirming dresses.

At first glance, it would seem that these lovely ladies were representing black women and women of color in an admirable way.

But there is one thing that was missing, something that could not be covered up underneath all that glittered: C-l-a-s-s. Class.

Class was once considered the essential attribute of womanhood, particularly in African-American communities where your racial background already marked you at a lower social standing and status in society.

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