*The Dr. Conrad Murray’s manslaughter trial is  getting ugly. The defense for the doctor being accused of killing pop star Michael Jackson is saying he may have killed himself.

According to attorneys, there was a broken syringe found on the floor of Jackson’s bedroom. So the defense is asking for the fingerprints from the piece of evidence to determine who handled it last.

Speaking of evidence, some key witnesses in the  manslaughter trial are attempting to back out of some of their responsibility to give up information.

According to reports, Dr. Arnold Klein and AEG’s top guy Randy Phillips were subpoenaed to present some key info about MJ that the defense claims is relevant to his death.

Murray wants to find out what drugs and treatment Klein gave to the singer months before his death. Reports say that he injected Michael with Demerol 51 times in just three months before his death.

With Phillips, there are some business interactions that may clue the court into what was going on as far as rehearsal schedules and its involvement in selecting Dr. Murray as the doc on call.