*The audience and judges may have given Chris Brown a standing ovation after his performances on “Dancing With the Stars,” but things weren’t quite as warm and fuzzy for the singer backstage.

Not only was he snubbed by domestic abuse victim, Cheryl Burke, who said earlier Monday that she didn’t agree with him coming on the show, but Kirstie Alley and Wendy Williams also gave him the cold shoulder backstage, according to Popeater.com’s Rob Shuster.

“Usually when a big star comes in to sing, the entire cast is excited to meet them and spend the day together at rehearsals,” a “Dancing” insider told Schuster. “With Chris, no one wanted to be around when he rehearsed.”

Schuster continues:

In particular, my source observed that “Kirstie wanted to spend as little time as possible around him. It was hard enough for her to be in the same building as him.”

To viewers at home, Chris’ performance went off without a hitch. Accompanied by a crew of backup dancers, Chris avoided getting booed and sang “Yeah 3X” and a melody of his hits “Forever” and “Beautiful.”

But while everything went smoothly on stage, the same can’t be said behind it.

“No one wanted anything to do with him,” a “Dancing” insider tells me. “Most of the cast think it’s disgraceful that ABC invited him on in the first place, but after he smashed a window backstage at ‘Good Morning America,’ almost everyone participating in the competition thought he should have been canceled.”