*The U.S. Census Bureau released its final population count from the 2010 Census Thursday. And it shows population for Hispanics soaring while that for African Americans in slowing down. In fact, there are now roughly 13 million more Hispanics in America than Blacks. Here are the final 2010 figures:

·         Whites – 196.8 million

·         Hispanics – 50.5 million

·         Blacks – 37.7 million

·         Asians – 14.5 million

·         Mixed Race – 9 million

As of 2010, one of every six Americans is Hispanic and that proportion is expected to grow in coming years since Hispanics have a higher birth rate than both whites and Blacks.

Interestingly, population growth is disproportionately taking place in states which traditionally tend to vote Republican. Simultaneously, most of the growth in those states is taking place among Hispanics who tend to vote Democratic.

Thus, there may be some contentious fights shaping up in states around the nation as Hispanics battle for greater political representation; Blacks battle not to lose representation and conservative whites battle both the Hispanics and the Blacks. Redistricting fights based on the 2010 Census have already begun. (source: Taylor Media Services)