Monica Cost

*Congrats go out to EURweb columnist/blogger Monica cost. Monica, whose weekly column/blog, “Living in the Land of Make Believe,” was asked by the folks over at pop site to advise poor little Justin Beiber and his new girlfriend, Selena Gomez, on how to deal with disappointed and pissed off fans.

In case you’re not up on what’s going down …

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber recently broke millions of young girls’ hearts when he publicly confirmed his romance with pop star Selena Gomez by sneaking in some PDAs at the Vanity Fair Oscars party on Sunday. Justin’s hardcore fans aired their grievances over “Jelena” on Twitter and some even went so far to make threats on the Disney star (Gomez)’s life.

Justin Beiber & Selena Gomez

Monica says that it can be hard for male teen stars to get into relationships with women (famous or not famous) since they are often put “in a position where the fans feel that they are in a place of ownership” over the celeb.

Justin’s fans are an important and involved part of his life and he actively pursues an engaged relationship with his Beliebers through Twitter and Facebook, so it is easy to see why many of his fans would feel like they “own” the young star.

Monica also explains that Justin and Selena’s relationship may prove to problematic for some fans since she is older (18) and he is still viewed a “the young teen heartthrob.”

As for how they should address the Twitter hate, Monica suggests that Justin make the first move.

“He has to say something first,” Monica explains. “I would have him address it on Twitter but not in a deliberate [separate press] interview since it would give the haters a voice. Selena should lay low for awhile.”

“He should say something like, ‘I just want the fans to know that I still love them and I’m still here’,” says Monica. However, Monica notes that Justin shouldn’t shy away from the fact that he is “acting like a normal teenager” and getting into a relationship with girl. That’s what teenagers do, after all!

Hmm, sounds like interesting advice. Read MORE of Monica has to say at Celebuzz!.

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