*This is going to sound real bad, so let me pre-warn you.  Our people are having a disturbing problem in Detroit, but it is a problem throughout the country.  The problem is classicism.  Everyone has heard the phrase, “They think they better than us.”

Well, there are a few out there crusading against that phrase and simply want to be your next door neighbor.  Because of the foreclosures going on in Detroit, the so-called lower class blacks have found suburban homes more affordable and safe than living in the city.

Now the upper class suburban blacks are having a problem with them moving in next door and are trying to move even further away. Sounds strange right?  Sounds just like “white flight” doesn’t it?

If you don’t know about white flight (brief history lesson here), that’s when white folks would move the moment the neighborhood looked like it was getting too many blacks or minorities. (more…)