*If it ain’t one thing, it’s five others with these athletes.

NFL legend, Lawrence Taylor is falling in the category of struggling famous people as he requested from the court to have his child support payments lowered for his sick 13-year-old daughter, Erielle. Currently he’s paying $456 but right now, he says he can’t meet those numbers. In fact, he’s never seen the girl and possibly doesn’t have a real connection with her.

“My income is generated solely by my popularity as a celebrity,” he says in the Bergen County filing. “The fact that I last played in 1993 and legal problems in *Rockland County  . . .  have severely diminished my ability to obtain income. I have no college degree or special skills other than athletics,” he notes.

On the flip side of things, the child’s mother, Ebony Washington is seeking to raise payments. Taylor has never visited her and he’s let her medical insurance go without payment in the past.

Their daughter suffers from Crohn’s disease and is under constant care from the doctor.

Taylor has seven children of his own, four of which he acknowledges.

The star has a bit of a criminal past with accusations of rape and soliciting sex from a 16-year-old prostitute.

*Case involves solicitation of a 16-year-old, prostitution and third-degree rape charges.