*Is there anyone out there that does not have memories of being defiled in some way at Freaknik?  How about run over in some stampede from a fight?

Imagery still stuck in your head from the fake-me-out ”Luke girls” with the thongs on at the Burger King tryin to make some “change?”

Anyone catch Lil’ Kim at the park practically naked dancin’ to Pop that Coochie on top of someone’s car? Did anyone come back to their car and they didn’t steal it, but folks were in it having sex? Oh, then you’re reallllllllllllllly missing Freaknik.  YEAH RIGHT!

It appears that no one is really feelin’ the idea of bringing it back.  And it’s too bad the event got out of control because it started out pretty good, until it got so much “attention.”  Once it blew up from hundreds to hundreds of thousands, it took a turn for the worse.  (more…)