Rahel Hachero, 17, honor student that allegedly beat her mama down with her pistol.

*Sorry, but we have yet another “punk ass parent” alert to report.

Bernie Mac told the truth when he said that the parents of today let their children get away with a whole lot more than the generations before them.

By a show of hands, can any of you, late 30′s and over, say that you would be able to raise your hand had you so much as talked back to your parent, much less PISTOL WHIPPED HER?? You know it’s comin’! C’MON ………………SON!

This isn’t even the woman’s son, it’s her daughter going gangster on her.  Last Thursday, March 24, little Miss Rachel Hachero, 17, wanted to buy herself a sports car.  Well, when she called her mom, Linda Hachero, from the dealership (more…)