*President Obama’s announcement on Wednesday, February 23rd that he will no longer defend the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was shocking to millions of Americans.

Yet his timing was not just an act of personal conscience, it was done in concert with the deliberations of the Maryland State Senate which meets in Annapolis less than a 45 minute drive from the White House.

His statement was timed to say to ambivalent senate members that there would be “political cover” from the Justice Department and the oval office if they legalized same-sex marriage.

Predictably, many wavering Maryland state senators were emboldened to vote to change the definition of marriage, despite the fact that most Marylanders are only in favor of traditional marriage. These lawmakers, like those in the state of Maine a couple of years ago, have been masterfully lobbied by same-sex marriage activists in military-like precision.

Both the carrot and the stick have been masterfully used in Maryland, resulting in some legislators believe that they are making “history” while others are simply attempting to hang on to their seats.

Therefore, the very next day – Thursday, February 24th (one week after Valentine’s Day) – the undecideds and fence-sitters simultaneously “caved in,” passing a same-sex marriage bill in their senate.

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