*Gas is getting pretty expensive.  These days having “five” on it doesn’t guarantee anyone a ride anywhere.  The reality is that it costs $5 just for me to start my ignition and if you want me to put it into drive, well that’s another conversation all together.  I’m just saying-gas is too damn high.

So of course with gas prices rising almost by the hour, the good ole’ folks down at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) are using this opportunity to get drivers out of their cars and onto public transportation.  It makes sense, I mean, I completely get it, but the price of gas is not an incentive for me to park my car.

For the record, as of right now there’s only one person that can get me out of my car and that’s the Repo Man.

What the MTA and the yuppie green people who support public transportation fail to realize is that for the average Black woman in Los Angeles, just walking to the corner store can be an ordeal let alone waiting at a bus stop.  I can’t speak on what it’s like for white women in West Los Angeles or the Valley-but I can speak on the hood.

I am not against using public transportation. In fact, if it weren’t for my brothas who act like every woman walking on the street is a pro on her beat, I might actually considerit.  But there’s something about having a stranger pull up to me and say “hey baby what’s your name?” or “you got a man?” every couple of steps I take, that for me is reason alone to put up with the price of gasoline.

I mean I actually pondered whether or not men get a different driver’s test than women at DMV-you know one that gives them license to pull up to women and say whatever the fuck is ontheir minds because this is something that’s been going on for generations.  I know it’s partially fueled by us women and young girls who think they’re women, who smile and laugh like it’s cute.  And while it may be hard for some brothas to hear, the majority of the sistas on public transportation don’t really appreciate it and really could care less if you think we’re cute or not.  We just want to get from point A to B.

And just to keep it real-I have to say that most of men who do this to women are married or at least in a relationship and most have children my age and for them, age ain’t nothing but a number.  The younger the better-just drive by your local high school around 3 p.m. I know it’s hard for some women to believe that their man actually partakes in this type of behavior, but if we really get honest about it we know it’s true.  We see it everyday even though we choose to ignore it as we drive by in our cars.

But I digressed.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if the MTA could find a way to use their gazillions of dollars to help curb the unsolicited sexually laced conversations and sex faces from random men as I walk to the bus stop I might consider using public transportation.  Until that day, gas could be $10 a gallon and I am not getting out of my car.  I won’t be driving it as much, but I’m not getting out of it to use public transportation. It just isn’t worth my sanity or the chance that I might end up in jail for trying to beat some brotha up who didn’t understand that the first time I said no I really meant no and not for him to ask me again or for him to please follow me as I walk. No, they will have to pry the car keys from my dead cold hands before I give up driving.

Real talk-and while I’m on the subject, maybe instead of getting on Rhianna, Minister Farrakhan could make better use of his platform by talking to the brothas about their behavior towards the sistas.  I’m just saying…

Based in Los Angeles, Jasmyne Cannick writes honestly where others do not about the intersection of culture, race, and politics in America.  She can be reached at www.jasmynecannick.com.