*Who am I? Unconsciously you ask yourself this question every day. Do you know the real importance of your path along the way? Many Things affect you that are rarely thought about.

They cause you to enhance yourself or else they inflict doubt. Many times you often feel as though you’re singled out; but if you saw what others felt you’d see pain throughout.

Most of you are scared, unsure of whom you ought to be, but these are things that you will never allow the world to see. Early in the morning when you finally awake, you contemplate agendas and decide which path to take. Who will you encounter? Will your power suit be right? And what good will it do if what you feel inside is fright. What’s a power suit if there’s no power from within? You’ll only feel like Daniel, without God inside the den. And yes we must remember that some others too have pain. They feel as though they’re second best with not much else to gain. Oh yes, it’s universal…can you feel the nations pain?

Since the beginning of time there have been problems to face. It’s never been easy living in this place. This constant life we lead has its ups and downs, take the time to notice and you’ll hear the sounds. A child crying in the night, because his parents had a fight. At school he’s different from the rest because he doesn’t have the best. He walks alone when he goes home, and no one calls him on the phone. He asks himself what’s wrong with me? When will it end, why must it be, why can’t people like me for me? But who am I?

Not because I’m pretty, not because I sing, not because of status or my family’s last name. I need my own identity to know just who I am. Do I feel the things I’ve mentioned, make me who I am? If I ruffle feathers, and go against the grain, I might be an outcast or disgrace my family’s name. And will I lose my status if I try to live without? But ahh! …that’s all I know so it’s hard to let it go.

No one hears the cries that silence me, the thoughts that envelop my mind. No one sees the pain that burdens me, not allowing me to unwind. No one tastes the bitterness that tempts my tongue each day. No one smells the tainted love that spoiled along the way. So is there a solution to the load you’ve had to bear? The things you’ve had to hold inside but needed just to share?

Go, Get Up, take on the past, but leave the worst behind. You control your destiny, create your own design.

So this is Life… your time, your space…the expectation…Find your place.

Until next time


Japhena Kay Musson is a Los Angeles based Voice over Artist, Freelance Columnist & Speaker. She holds a degree in Communications with an expertise in Entertainment and Broadcast Media. As a columnist she sheds an honest light on life as she sees it, and encourages others to identify their true path on this journey called life. She prides herself on being happily married more than 16 years and the mother of two wonderful children. Connect with Japhena at www.Japhena.com and email [email protected].