*Jennifer Lopez has asked a judge to throw out a $10 million lawsuit filed against her by an LA area woman who claims Lopez interfered with her film project.

The “American Idol” judge claims the film Claudia Vazquez is looking to make would reveal information from her first marriage that would damage her career and possibly cause the public to “think badly” of her.

Vazquez says the movie she wants to make with Lopez’s first husband, Ojani Noa and writer Ed Meyer, would be a “comedic parody of Noa’s life made almost entirely from material that is already in the public domain.”

The actress/singer actually won an injunction to stop Noa from moving forward with the film that reportedly includes home video footage.

Lopez writes in legal papers:

“I believe that Noa’s and Meyer’s dissemination of private and intimate details about me, whether true or fabricated, and my alleged relationship with Noa and also their exploiting false and disparaging descriptions and lies about me are highly damaging to me and to my career in the entertainment industry.

Lopez says Noa’s alleged participation in the project has the potential to hurt her in many ways.

“I believe that Noa will damage my reputation with movie producers and businesses which contract with celebrities for the use of their names, likenesses and spokesperson services for commercial endorsements and may very well cause some members of the movie-going and record-buying public to think badly of me.”

Obviously some very “interesting” things happened during the course of Lopez’s marriage to Ojani Noa that are still keeping her up at night.