Monica Cost

*This week’s article was going to be on something entirely different, but then I had the pleasure of running into Grammy Award winning Producer, Reverend, radio host and songwriter, Carvin Haggins.

I’ve known Carvin for a few years and one thing I’ve experienced is his forthrightness. If you ask him a question, he’s going to tell you the truth. While I had this resource in front of me, I wanted to hear his thoughts on Living in the Land of Make Believe.

Below is my interview with Carvin Haggins.

ME: Why is “truth” so important to you?

CARVIN: We’ve been lied to so much that lying has become a part of who we are. We justify the lies that we tell ourselves and others. People’s careers have been built on lies. It just makes sense to me to tear down those walls and build on truth, something that we can stand on.

ME: In your opinion, what happens when people live a lie?

CARVIN: You make people believe in something that doesn’t exist and then they spend their lives chasing a ghost. (If you’ve read any of my writings, you know I only completely agree).

ME: What is your recommendation for people trying to live their truth?

CARVIN: They should start by being true and honest with themselves. Is it better to be truthful and be the odd man out, for a while, than to tell yourself lies and be in the “in crowd” temporarily. Everything comes back to the truth. The lie is temporary. Ultimately those who live the lies end up coming back to you for the truth. Lies do not stand.

ME: Artists like Lauryn Hill paid the price by living in the industries truth, which was her lie, and later trying to find a way to live her own truth. She paid the price, not because of what her truth was, but because the brand was not created by her.

ME: You are known as a great storyteller with a platform for telling true stories. How do you help artists live their truths through music?

CARVIN: Interestingly enough the song that helped launch my career was “Love” for Musiq Soulchild. I was a Muslim at the time but when I got saved I learned that GOD is LOVE. It was clear then that my career was founded on GOD so I could never abandon my foundation. Fortunately Musiq felt the song and sang it with passion for his own truthful reasons.

The song “Again” that I wrote for Faith Evans was a song that talked about her truth and the lessons she learned about life through her mistakes. I urged her to tell her truth in her music and it worked. It is a liberating experience.

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