*Rapper Lupe Fiasco has apologized to fans in Chicago after event promoters failed to make it clear that his album release party on Saturday (March 27) would not include a performance.

The artist was billed to make an appearance at his hometown’s House of Blues for a record release party in response to the overwhelming success of his new album, “Lasers,” which earned Fiasco his first U.S. number one earlier this month.

Fans packed into the venue on Saturday expecting to see the MC hit the stage, and tensions grew as the night wore on and there was no sign of Fiasco, prompting some members of the crowd to boo and throw beer cans at the empty stage.

The rapper eventually made it to the party and performed a 20-minute set – but subsequently took to Twitter.com after the show to clear up the confusion and express his apologies for the mix-up.

In a series of posts, he wrote, “To be clear to everyone that attended the House Of Blues Laser release thing in Chicago. It was Never supposed to be a show… The promoters didn’t stress to the public the fact that it was supposed to just be a party.

“I had NO hand in organizing the event. Nor did my team. I don’t even know who the other performers were until the night before the event.”

And Fiasco has explained the reason for his late arrival – his car broke down on the way to the club.

He continues, “As far as me being late I literally drove about 6 hours to get there and I ran out of gas around Springfield!!!! Shout to AAA 4 the save!!!

“But anyways my name was on it so I’ll take the “L” and rest assured that it will Never EVER happen again. I love my fans. I’m sorry u guys had to go thru some BS (bulls**t). Again me and my crew had Nothing to do w/ (with) how the event was ran or organized. Also all the money for the event from my side is and always was going to be donated to charity so at least for me it was a free event.”