*Lupe Fiasco, an uncompromising lyricist recently shared his views about President Obama and the act of voting on a UK radio show.

When asked by radio host Tim Westwood whether or not he voted for Obama in 2008, Fiasco responded, “Nah. I haven’t voted for anybody, for that matter, sticking to that.”

He continued with, “The American federal government, the American system, America’s foreign policy is something that I can’t [support]  … because when you vote for that person, you vote for that,” explained Fiasco. “You vote for bombs lodged in the sides of schools that say ‘Made in U.S.A.’ You vote for the tig a– canisters that Mubarak’s people were firing into the crowds. You know? American tax dollars payed for that … I don’t wanna represent that. I don’t wanna have that blood on my hands, even though it’s already on me.”

Fiasco also explained that he disagrees with Obama’s war policies in Africa (Middle East) sharing that instead of really ending the war, he’s moving military power, bombs, and guns from one country to another.

The interview continues here.