*Before the show started, Star Jones put the blame on others for the drama on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” but now it’s looking more and more like she’s starting everything herself.  It seems she just can’t get along with anyone.

Jones and her teammate Lisa Rinna aren’t getting along now. According to E! News the two are now feuding and have been firing at each other via Twitter and emails.

The story goes that Lisa took  Star and Dionne Warwick with her onto the chopping block and received that dreaded “You’re fired” verdict.

A source close to Lisa said she was pretty upset.

“Lisa was so furious she was kicked off so early and blamed it all on Star. Lisa went home and started sending nasty e-mails.”
But now the bickering has taken a new form… possibly a lawsuit.

Jones, a former lawyer and prosecutor,  has taken the issue up with NBC’s legal team and is ready to make some mo’ fireworks go off.

What’s so ironic about it all is that her fighting with NeNe was put on blast right away. According to a source, Star kept her drama with Lisa quiet for so long because she “thinks it would ruin Lisa.”

See, Star does have a heart … we think.