*The Allen Hughes-directed video for Dr. Dre’s new track “I Need A Doctor” has arrived.

The song, featuring protégé Eminem and newcomer Skylar Grey, is from Dre’ lonnnnng-awaited third solo album, “Detox.”

“This is a very unique song, very personal and groundbreaking so when I first heard the track I knew it was something I had to do because I like to do things that are different and innovative,” says Hughes. “Besides knowing Dre for 20 years, I felt compelled to do this as a fan and as a connoisseur of popular culture I wanted to be a part of this event because it’s from the last album that a large amount of people will listen to from beginning to end.”

The clip is over 7 min. long and opens with Dre looking back on events in his life and career – a montage that includes images of himself with the World Class Wreckin’ Cru and NWA. He then climbs into a Ferrari Modena and speeds off.

Memories of Tupac and Snoop Dogg from the Death Row days are shown as he picks up speed. The images become more violent until suddenly, he loses control of the vehicle and crashes. Horrifically.

Cut to Dre on life support with Eminem at his side and Skylar Grey as a spirit hovering over the room.

Cue music.