*Guess who is going to be honored by the NAACP? Well, that would be rocker/rapper Kid Rock.

The Rev. Wendell Anthony, Detroit chapter president of the organization has decided to award the rock star at their annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner on May 1. Anthony and his chapter of members found that the celebrity has done so much for the community that he should be recognized for his stunning efforts.

But not everyone is in agreement with the honor. Adolph Mongo with Detroiters for Progress is planning a boycott.

“Kid Rock displays the Confederate flag at all his concerts. He wears it on the back of his jacket, and you’re going to honor him at the NAACP,” he said.

“That has become a symbol of hate, bigotry and racism in this country. That’s the battle cry of the Confederacy, who fought to preserve slavery. So, it’s unacceptable. Would any Jewish organizations honor any entertainer that flew a Nazi flag at their concerts? No,” Mongo told FOX 2.

In a statement, the NAACP didn’t address the boycott directly, but said “He”, meaning Kid Rock, “is receiving the award because he has lifted up the great expectations of many around our nation concerning the future of the City of Detroit.”

“Listen, you might as well sing ‘Dixie’ at the NAACP dinner and put the big flag up there with the American flag because as long as he honors that flag, it’s unacceptable,” Mongo said.