*In an interview with London radio station Choice FM, Ne-Yo said he now regrets giving Beyonce “Irreplaceable” to record, although does concede he may not have been able to do the track justice.

The singer/songwriter wrote the female empowerment song – about a woman who kicks her cheating boyfriend to the left – but handed it to Beyonce for her 2006 album “B’Day.”

“I honestly wrote that song for myself,” he told the station. “But that song actually taught me a very interesting lesson – men and women don’t actually think that much differently on the grand scheme of things.

“However, a man singing it comes across a little bit misogynistic, a little bit mean.”

While he regrets giving Beyonce his song, Ne-Yo recently revealed he is keen to work with her husband Jay-Z again to make a “classic” track. The two collaborated twice before – on Ne Yo’s “Call Me Crazy” and Jay’s “Minority Report.”

“Jay featured on a track of mine on my second album, and I featured on one of his on his ‘Kingdom Come’ album but we haven’t done anything since then,” he said. “Jay is a good friend, he’s a good person. Though we’ve worked together I think there’s potential for a classic record there and we haven’t really realized that potential yet.”