*Last week, it was reported that Ne-Yo “regretted” giving Beyonce the catchy tune, “Irreplaceable.” But he never actually said the word. So he got on Twitter to correct the misinformation and claims he was misquoted.

“Ok. What’s this I hear about me wishing I never gave Beyonce’ Irreplaceable? Y’all ACTUALLY believe I said that? SERIOUSLY? Wow. Aiight.” He continued saying, “Believing everything you read is just as bad as letting somebody run you. Stop letting these media haters and bloggers control y’all. You wanna know ’bout me? ASK ME. You wanna know if I said somethin’ ASK ME. C’mon y’all. I KNOW you’re smarter than that.”

In other news for the songwriter/singer, he may be expecting another child pretty soon.

Blogger Sandra Rose says he and his  “friend” Monyetta Shaw could be expecting another child.

Although the two are clearly more than friends, Ne-Yo claims that the two have an understanding and just keep things friendly.

“I have a friend, not a girlfriend. She’s carrying my child but knows I can’t commit. She doesn’t mind other women.”

Hmm, makes you wonder just who the “‘friend’ with benefits” is in this interesting relationship.