*Maybe NeNe Leakes is out to get back at Star Jones. According to recent reports, the “Housewives of Atlanta” star has been hanging with the Star’s ex-hubby, Al Reynolds.

Coincidence? Maybe not.

NeNe and her “Celebrity Apprentice” co-star Jones have been feuding on the show since the beginning, but this takes their fight to a “whole ‘notha level.”

Star is apparently having a hard time dealing with the thought of them even being in the same room with one another.

“Star thinks it’s pathetic that these two has-beens have teamed up together,” one of Star’s friends told PopEater. “NeNe knows how much pain and hurt that man caused Star. For NeNe to suddenly befriend him tells you exactly what sort of woman she really is.”

But what’s really eating Star is that if the two are as close as they appear, Al could be divulging some very personal information about the pair’s marriage.

“Al will do anything to get back into the press, including hanging out with reality stars,” a source from Star’s camp said. “But to be getting close and personal with a woman who has publicly stated she wouldn’t spit on your ex-wife if she was on fire, is just desperate.”

To add insult to injury, NeNe gabbed on Ellen about how Star is so “manipulative” and “conniving.” She also shares her thought on “The Talk.”

Check out the video:

So much for NeNe not wanting to be the “villain” anymore as she professed to us a few weeks ago.