*Each morning Shirley Strawberry, co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, delivers no-nonsense, woman-to-woman straight talk to eight million listeners in the wildly popular radio segment The Strawberry Letter.

Whether the topic she tackles is a cheating boyfriend, a crazy mother-in-law, job troubles, or money problems, Shirley’s popular girlfriend-next-door honesty has earned her millions of fans across the country.

Now they can find her advice on parenting, relationships, career decisions and more in THE STRAWBERRY LETTER: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy (One World Hardcover; April 5, 2011).

Written with Lyah Beth LeFlore and including a Foreword by Shirley’s longtime friend and co-host Steve Harvey, this uplifting, motivational book draws on hard-won lessons from Shirley’s own life as well as a wealth of “best of” Strawberry Letters and new ones that have never been featured on-air.

As a divorced single mom and career woman-a woman willing to let Mr. Right find her-Shirley’s been there and done that. THE STRAWBERRY LETTER is her “call to action” to help women look at their lives with a candid eye.

Full of motivating “Strawberry Tips”-short gems that provide welcome advice on the run-and helpful suggestions for a drama-loving girlfriend, the book is divided into sections that fully address the scope of women’s emotional lives, from “Taking Inventory: Woman to Woman” and “Love and Relationships” to “Family Matters” and “Self-Love.”

Shirley says, “Ultimately, I hope that THE STRAWBERRY LETTER will encourage you to make better choices and decisions in relationships-whether they be with your family, your lover, or in the workplace. … Let’s take this journey together. Be inspired. Be motivated. Be healed, reinvigorated, and challenged to love yourself and to love your life!”


“[Shirley is] one of the kindest, most spiritual people that I know.  She will admit when she has a fault, and that makes it okay for me to show her mine.  She laughs at me.  She laughs with me.  She has cried with me, all of it, but it’s truly because she cares as a person.  And that caring, sharing, good-hearted perspective is exactly what you will find in her book THE STRAWBERRY LETTER.  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I’ve enjoyed sitting next to Shirley over the years.” – Steve Harvey, Foreword, THE STRAWBERRY LETTER

“Only a woman who lives life with purpose and divine revelation can inspire people through her advice, and that is Shirley.” – Tyler Perry, Writer/Director/Producer

“Shirley Strawberry is a sistah who has been there and conquered that.  Her insightful advice on life, love, and relationships makes her book a must read for anyone struggling with past hurts.” – Mo’Nique, Academy Award winner and host of “The Mo’Nique Show”

“Shirley Strawberry brings a unique blend of experiential wisdom and compassionate insight wrapped in a package of dialogue that is painfully honest and joyfully helpful.   Shirley Strawberry has that rare spiritual ability to ‘speak the truth in love’ while making you laugh at the same time.” – Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Faithful Central Bible Church, Los Angeles

“Shirley’s book provides valuable insight into the dynamics of how to build a great relationship, repair broken relationships, and abandon oppressive relationships.  Her advice should be followed by all who seek real love.” – Judge Greg Mathis, host of “The Judge Mathis Show”

“THE STRAWBERRY LETTER is the best thing that Shirley could’ve ever done for my life.  After I read this book and took that real talk, with that real advice, I’m no longer bitter…I’m sexy now!  She’s the Oprah of radio!” – Sheryl Underwood, comedienne and president of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

“Every woman in any relationship, good or bad, should read this book, and then buy one for her significant other.  This is not the Bible, but Shirley has certainly provided words to live by.” – George Wallace, comedian

“Insightful, authentic and loving are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Shirley Strawberry.  She’s wise beyond her years and has the gift of connecting with her audience regardless of their age or circumstance.  In this book, she speaks from the heart and gives honest, non-judgmental straight talk to her readers.” – Wendy Raquel Robinson, actress, “The Game”

“Shirley Strawberry is a real sister-girlfriend who tells you what you need to know, even when it’s not what you want to know.” – Terri J. Vaughn, actress, “Meet the Browns”

About the authors
Shirley Strawberry is one of the most recognizable names and voices in radio today.  Dubbed “The Best Voice in Radio” by Steve Harvey, this native Chicagoan knew even as a young girl that being a radio personality was her destiny.  But what she never imagined was that one day she’d be sitting in the co-pilot seat of one of today’s biggest, nationally syndicated radio morning shows in the country with nearly eight million listeners.

Shirley started her career as a radio jock in the mid 1980s at Chicago’s WCGI-FM, where she was the co-host of the Doug Banks Show.  By 1990, her popularity locally had soared and Hollywood came calling.  Shirley was wooed by 92.3 The Beat, KKBT-FM, in Los Angeles and quickly built a loyal fan base there.

In 2000, the radio mogul Cathy Hughes and her Radio One empire took over the station and made a huge deal with comedic superstar Steve Harvey to host his own morning show.  Shirley was offered the job as his co-host.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show took the Los Angeles airwaves by storm.  From  2000-2005 it reigned as the #1 morning show in Los Angeles, having a tremendous impact on the entire city.  What really propelled the show was Steve, Shirley Strawberry, and the rest of the morning show crews’ tireless community efforts: from helping students get desperate needed books, to honoring women and teachers, to feeding and helping the underprivileged all over the city.  The Steve Harvey Morning Show eventually became a nationally syndicated show and moved to New York City.  There the show zoomed to the top of the morning show heap once again and was crowned the #1 morning show in New York City.

Today,  the Steve Harvey Morning Show is heard by nearly eight million listeners, and its syndication has grown to a whopping 60 markets that include NY, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, to name a few.  For a decade, Shirley has sat side by side with Steve Harvey and the country has fallen in love with “the voice” of Shirley Strawberry and her wisdom during the show’s Strawberry Letter segment.

Lyah Beth LeFlore was the writer for the national bestseller I Got Your Back: A Father and Son Keep It Real About Love, Fatherhood, Family, and Friendship by Eddie and Gerald Levert.  She is the author of the novels Last Night a DJ Saved My Life and Wildflowers as well as the teen book series The Come Up.  LeFlore has been a television producer and entertainment executive for more than a decade and has worked for Nickelodeon, Uptown Entertainment, Wolf Films, and Alan Haymon Productions. For more information visit: www.lyahbethleflore.com.

Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy
By Shirley Strawberry with Lyah Beth LeFlore
A One World Hardcover * On Sale: April 5, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-345-52550-5 * $22.00 * 192 pp

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