*California Assembly member Isadore Hall, III (D- Los Angeles ) – along with several supporters and recording artist Norwood Young – declared the month of April 2011 Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Young, a perfect advocate for this sort of thing, recently published a book, “Getting Back to My Me,” about his personal journey of survival through the life of child abuse and sexual abuse.

Child abuse and neglect negatively impacts the lives of millions of Americans and their communities. In 2009, nearly six million American children suffered some form of abuse, ranging from neglect, physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse. In California, nearly 75,000 cases of abuse or neglect were reported in 2009.

And in the spirit of advocacy, the assemblyman has written up Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 24 to make April officially child abuse prevention month.

“This resolution raises important public awareness and creates a needed dialogue among the public to help prevent future incidents of child abuse, gives a voice to children currently suffering abuse and gives hope to survivors of child abuse that assistance is available to mend the wounds of abuse,” said Assemblymember Hall.

Norwood Young