President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks during an event at Georgetown University March 30, 2011 in Washington, DC. Obama outlined his plan for the nation's energy security calling for a one-third cut on oil imports by 2020 to reduce the U.S. dependence on foreign energy.

*President Barack Obama’s approval rating has plunged to all-time lows in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

Half of the registered voters surveyed think that the president does not deserve a second term in office, while 41 percent say he does. In another Quinnipiac poll released just four weeks ago, 45 percent said the president did not deserve reelection, while 47 percent said he did.

The decline in support for a second Obama term comes as his approval rating has dropped 4 percentage points since early March, landing at 42 percent – a record low – in the poll released Wednesday. His disapproval rating has risen from 46 percent to 48 percent.

The downward shift may in part be the result of dissatisfaction over U.S involvement in Libya, with 47 percent of those surveyed saying they oppose it. By a margin of 58 percent to 29 percent, registered voters said that Obama has not clearly stated U.S. goals for the mission.

President Barack Obama speaks about U.S. military action in Libya March 28, 2011 at the National Defense University in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, in Harlem, President Obama attended his first Democratic National Committee fundraiser for the 2012 campaign season at a $30,800-a-plate soiree with 50 fat cats at the new Red Rooster restaurant on Lenox Ave, reports the New York Daily News.

As hundreds of New Yorkers clogged the streets outside hoping to get a peek at the president, Obama rubbed elbows with movers and shakers inside, drawing a cool $1.5 million for the DNC.

He received a standing ovation as he emerged from the kitchen after being ushered in through a back alley.

“You guys applauding for the corn bread?” he joked, before discussing a “challenging time” for the nation and the world, mentioning the Japan earthquake and the U.S. military intervention in Libya.

“I could not do what I do, making the best possible decisions I can for American people, without knowing that I had so many people rooting for me,” he said.

His remarks were brief, but he pledged to visit all six tables of guests, who dined on lobster salad, braised short ribs and chocolate cake with rhubarb compote.

The Daily News reports…

The fat cats chowing down at the Red Rooster shindig didn’t match the racial makeup of Harlem, but a “Thank You” get-together Obama hosted after at the nearby Studio Museum was more diverse.

The Red Rooster event unofficially marks the kickoff of the 2012 political season – and serves as an early marker of Obama’s moneymaking prowess. New York was a gold mine for Obama in 2008, with area residents pumping more than $42 million into his campaign war chest – an amazing feat considering he was up against hometown Sen. Hillary Clinton in a brutal primary.

The hop into Harlem offered Obama a chance to repair ties with many of New York’s prominent African-American Democrats.

He angered many with his team’s clumsy attempt to push then-Gov. David Paterson out of the 2010 gubernatorial race, and he rankled others by suggesting Rep. Charles Rangel resign after the congressman was censured for ethics violations last fall.

Rangel (D-Harlem) was in the crowd at the Red Rooster, and was also alongside Obama at an earlier dedication of a UN building named after late Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown. There, Obama also teamed up with the other Democratic presidential titan – Bill Clinton. Bubba, who had a tense relationship with Obama during the 2008 primary, couldn’t have given the current President a bigger shoutout.

“He [Brown] would be very proud that Barack Obama became President of the United States, and very proud, Mr. President, of what you’re doing in Libya,” Clinton told Obama.

President Barack Obama (L) shakes hands with Max Kiss as he visits the New York City Science and Engineering Fair at the American Natural History Museum in New York, New York, March 29, 2011.

His first stop in Manhattan was at the American Museum of Natural History on the upper West Side, where Obama taped TV interviews and then addressed students at a citywide science fair. He was joined by Mayor Bloomberg.

“You are key to our success,” Obama said. “What you’re doing is important for our country.”

Bronx High School of Science senior Max Kiss took pride in giving the President details about the bamboo bicycle he had built. [See photo above.] “I’ve been riding it to school for at least two years,” Kiss told Obama.

“What, they wouldn’t let you bring an actual bike?” the President quipped.