*The real Oprah Winfrey is about to emerge from the secret diary of the super star media queen.

In the next issue of “O” magazine, Winfrey gets a little more personal with her address to readers, revealing a more fragile side.

She actually shares a few intimate passages from her diary, uncovering the dark depression of heartbreak.

An inspiration to others, Winfrey actually wrote in her diary, “I want to die … I wish for something to put an end to this madness,” referring to a  relationship from 1981.

Surprisingly, her diary entries are actually mostly filled with relationship problems and venting. But how did a woman with so many issues become the one millions of people worldwide came to admire?

“It’s a wonder that I’ve managed to be a successful human being considering how pathetic I appeared in many of my daily musings,” Oprah said. “It’s a testament to growth and grace that I’ve come this far… I used my journals as therapy. Oh, the time I wasted worrying about men and weight!”

Read more in April’s issue of “O.”