*As we reported last Thursday, in a sting operation to stop distribution of drugs, actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, who played a murderous member of a Baltimore drug gang on “The Wire,” was arrested in “Operation Usual Suspects,” a joint effort between Maryland and federal authorities that resulted in the arrest of 38 people, including the actress.

Police charged the actress for conspiring to sell heroin with two other suspects. She is being held without bail

However, her attorney is outraged and plans to file habeas corpus and a motion for bail.

“She’s a little bit dismayed at being in position that she didn’t place herself in,” attorney Paul Gardner said. Pearson is denying all charges.

According to reports, allegedly, a group of individuals bought heroin from New York and marijuana from California and sold the drugs on the streets of Baltimore. The conspiracy alleges that members of the whole operation put in money, including Pearson.

But Pearson, as well as Gardner, is flabbergasted by the accusations. They both claim she doesn’t have that kind of money.

“I’m not sure where this money is supposed to come from,” Gardner said, noting the tough economy. “She’s not particularly blessed with deep pockets at this point.”

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