*Legendary producer Quincy Jones has launched a media company in a joint venture with Emirati entrepreneur Badr Jafar, according to ArabianBusiness.com.

The Global Gumbo Group will target opportunities across film, television, publishing and digital applications in the MENA region, the pair said in a joint statement on Monday.

Jones will serve as chairman of the board and Jafar as president.

GGG will also look to discover new Middle Eastern and North African talents, and acquire content from the region to introduce to the West. Jones said the venture aims to build bridges between the East and the West.

“I have long been a vocal proponent of music and the arts being a great asset in building bridges between cultures,” the 27-times Grammy winner said in an emailed statement. “It is my hope that this partnership will provide a cultural exchange between the West and the Middle East and North Africa that will foster a better understanding of these regions.”

The company’s first event will be a concert during Morocco’s annual music festival in May, which will feature performances by Grammy-winning Patti Austin, Riffat Sultana and American group Naturally Seven.

Jones will also unveil a new Arabic version of the song “Tomorrow” that will raise money to finance educational scholarships for some of the region’s most promising youth. The video will be co-produced by Moroccan producer Nadir Khayat, with the Arabic lyrics and music by Iraqi artist Kadim Al Sahir.