*According to Ray Charles’s alleged mistress, she once robbed the late superstar blind (her words, not ours) to pay off her house.

In her new book, “Ray & Me”, Marci Soto claims she had a steamy affair with Charles when both were married to other people.

In the book, which Globe magazine got a hold of, she says she once substituted $1 bills for $100 notes after taking home cash from a concert.

“I certainly didn’t feel like I was robbing the blind. I felt like he was ready to do something he should have done years earlier, pay off my house,” she writes.

Soto also reveals she once aborted Charles’ baby, and never told him:

“I didn’t even tell Ray, there was no reason to know. I definitely wasn’t having a baby.”

If you’re wondering how they came to be an item, albeit secretly, she says they hooked up while Charles was married to his wife Della. Soto convinced his manager to set up a (blind?) date resulting in them doing the deed that night. They were an on and off couple over the years and Charles even helped Soto cover her legal fees when she divorced her husband.

Get this. In 1997 after tiring of his womanizing ways, she broke off the relationship. However, when he fell ill at the end of his life in 2004, she called him back and spent much of their phone conversation sobbing.

Well this news should make Ray’s family and friends real happy. Not.