*One may have never thought it was possible but Beyonce just might be tired of Lady Gaga. Well they’re just rumors for now, but the story is an insider, according to the National Enquirer, says the singer is just tired of the devilish antics of Gaga and her scene snatching acts.

It’s really hard to tell since the two have been like best buds as they demonstrated in last year’s “Telephone” and “Video Phone.”

Apparently, some beefin’ went down recently between the two … if the Enquirer’s report is to be believed.

“The bad blood between Beyoncé and Gaga has been brewing for months, but it really exploded after the Grammy Awards in February,” the insider said. “Beyoncé thought Gaga’s entrance was way over the top and ridiculously self-serving. Every other artist worked the red carpet in a traditional manner, but Gaga made it all about her.”

According to Gaga’s folks, she’s a bit shocked by her peer’s disapproval.

“At this point, Gaga is used to people criticizing her. It’s part of being so successful,” said a source from Gaga’s camp. “But she never expected it from Beyoncé whom she saw as a friend and supporter. Gaga plans to confront her the next time they run into each other and demand an apology.”

But that might not happen according to the source. They say Beyonce wants to “take Gaga down a few pegs.” Whatever that means.