*In her Rolling Stone cover story, Rihanna – yet again – is asked about Chris Brown, but mostly about what has happened in the media and courts in the months since her brutal beating.

When asked about recently allowing a judge to ease the terms of the five-year restraining order against her ex, the singer says it felt like the right thing to do, even if it meant being criticized for it.

“You can never please people,” Rihanna tells the magazine. “One minute I’m being too hard, and the next minute I’m a fool because I’m not being hard enough.”

But she’s quick to point out that even though she and Brown are now allowed to actually interact with each other, she’s certainly in no rush to do so.

“It doesn’t mean we’re gonna make up, or even talk again. It just means I didn’t want to object to the judge,” she says. “We don’t have to talk again ever in my life. I just didn’t want to make it more difficult for him professionally. What he did to me was a personal thing. It had nothing to do with his career. Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can’t perform at awards shows, that definitely made it difficult for him. That was the only thing it was going to change, so I didn’t care.”

And while Rihanna seems to be making great strides when it comes to putting that painful part of her past behind her, that definitely wasn’t the case immediately following Brown’s assault on her two years ago.

“I put my guard up so hard. I didn’t want people to see me cry. I didn’t want people to feel bad for me,” she says. “It was a very vulnerable time in my life, and I refused to let that be the image. I wanted them to see me as, ‘I’m fine, I’m tough.’ I put that up until it felt real.”