Actor Samuel L. Jackson poses for a portrait at the 42nd NAACP Image Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on March 4, 2011 in Los Angeles

*Samuel L. Jackson has confirmed he’ll star in the indie movie “The Samaritan,” playing a man who leaves prison after two decades only to find himself caught up in a life of crime again.

Director David Weaver has said that the project is inspired by British crime thrillers such as “Sexy Beast,” “The Crying Game” and “Mona Lisa.”

“A master grifter, Foley’s world has always been built on a series of carefully-crafted illusions that only he can see behind,” Weaver told WENN. “Of course, it’s an irresistible story idea to take such a character, have him decide to go straight, but then gradually reveal he’s been surrounded from the very beginning by a scam so devious that it’s entirely beyond his imagining.”

Jackson will be starring opposite Luke Kirby and Ruth Negga, who have appeared in “Law and Order” and “Misfits” respectively.

The actor is due to start shooting “The Avengers” next month.