*Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s two youngest children are making headlines today over having to deny false reports .

A rep for Jaden Smith had to come out and announce that the teen actor is alive and well after a bogus Internet report had him dead from a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

“It’s absolutely not true,” the rep tells TMZ.com.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of his sister Willow was reportedly this week – with the hacker sending out a tweet commenting on the “Good Morning America” outburst by Chris Brown.

“So Chris Brown is going to prison now breaking a window at ABC, but he didn’t go for hurting Rihanna? #karma,” the tweet stated.

According to SOHH.com, the post also linked to a story that incorrectly stated Brown was headed to jail following his rampage.  As previously reported, “GMA” did not press charges against Brown, nor did Brown violate his probation.

The tweet was soon deleted…but screen shots were captured and has helped to give the story momentum across the web.  Now, her management at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is saying Willow’s account was hacked.

But was it really?