*Oops. Unfortunately, the Jawn Murray/BlackVoices.com report isn’t true about Donnie Simpson. Jawn and the site said that the green-eyed radio personality and former BET (“Video Soul”) host would be back in front of a mic this year.

Well, according to Donnie, via his Facebook page, it’s news to him:

“They quoted a source who said I was itching to get back on radio. This is obviously someone who doesn’t know me. They thought I was itching to get back on TV too. That should tell you that I’m very capable of living my life without scratching itches. I will tell you this. A lot of people have approached me about doing a lot of different things in radio and TV. Some of them are intriguing, but one option remains, none of the above. Y’all have been with me thru thick and thin and I promise you that I’ll let you know when and if I decide to get ‘Funky on the mic, like an old batch of collard greens.’ Thanks for the interest though. I’m flattered. ‘Til the next episode.'”

Simpson, a Detroit native,  was last on air with WPGC in Washington, D.C. from 1993 to 2010, but left after a contract dispute.