*When “Celebrity Apprentice” cast off Lisa Rinna guest co-hosted “Access Hollywood” Live on Wednesday, she dished on everything regarding her feud with fellow contestant Star Jones, reports the AP.

And on Thursday, Star took a turn as guest co-host and got some payback.

“If I perceive someone coming after me, I will show you how it’s done and I think I did effectively, because Lisa’s gone,” Star told Kit of Lisa’s accusations. “…I came to compete for my charity. I never said anything different… I didn’t come in there to win Miss Congeniality, and I probably wouldn’t.”

On Wednesday’s show, Lisa said she received a call from teammate LaToya Jackson revealing that Star had held a “secret dinner” to plot Lisa’s “Apprentice” demise prior to the show even shooting. However, Star told a different version of the story.

“You can’t have secret dinners in the middle of the Trump International,” Star told Kit. “It wasn’t like it was up in my bedroom somewhere — it was up in the middle of the restaurant! And I just invited everyone to dinner.

“I didn’t like Lisa’s approach the very first episode,” she continued. “…And so when I saw that she was ready to throw me under the bus [in the boardroom], I got the bus pass ready.”

Star also took aim at LaToya Jackson, saying she uses her famously soft voice to disarm people like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“La Toya is one of the most manipulative little girls you will ever meet… that [voice] works for her brand — that’s who she is,” Star told Kit. “She knows how to manipulate you while you’re thinking that this is sweetness and light, and it worked.

“In fact, I admired her and the way she played the game,” Star continued. “As you watch, you’re going to see she’s probably the most strategic on the show.”

“It’s always those quiet and sweet ones that are usually the sneaky ones!’ Kit laughed.

“Honey, ‘sneaky’ is not the word!” Star said. “She wrote all those tell-all books and stuff. Please.”

“Celebrity Apprentice” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on NBC.