*Swizz Beatz has been given the honor of teaching students at New York University as the school’s first producer in residence. He says while he’s teaching, he’ll be helping students launch their careers.

“For me, the music comes last,” Swizz reveals. “Well, in my heart the music comes first. But living in this world and being realistic, the music comes last and the business comes first. You might have a hot single, and you might not be prepared for it.”

The producer’s goal is to be real with the students and help them set realistic goals while listening to their work.

“I still have my plan, by the way!” Swizz says, regarding a drawing he made of himself in a DJ booth with a compass at the age of 17, indicating his intention to expand beyond the horizons of the South Bronx neighborhood he grew up in. “Ninety-six percent of the students here are not ready to go off to the races, as you can see … I know they want me to sit here and jam to these beats and have me tell them, ‘That was hot!’ But I feel I’d be wasting their time.”

In being real, Beatz is encouraging his students to get CDs made to hand out to their local hangouts and register their music with ASCAP. He shared his thoughts about the hustle aspect of the game and plans to show the kids the ropes. He wants to not only nurture their talent, but also to help them make some money along the way.